Print to Digital Books

If you want your book on iPad, want to digitalize your book or magazine then contact selfpotrait team. Today students are crazy about cool ipads, and internet. They want everything on the single touch. Want to read magazines and also studying by iPad. If your content is ready or you have printed books. You need to digitalize it for internet and should create eBook.
Time is for interactive content. We create best eBooks, easy to read with smartphones and apple and mac books and windows too. We give index options on each page using our experience in ebooks design you can create the best presentation of your books globally. If you want to create simple animation or want a flash intro for your content we are here for design.
We have designed for eBooks, eMagazines, eLearning, Interactive Presentations and everything related to web or print. We are also in character design that can show a small teacher on your content. Who will entertain readers while studying the content. Audio and Video support also make your content go great and will enhance the beauty of your content. Contact us we are always passionate to design eProjects.
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