Creative Flex Designs

This is how we finished a great job in just 60 hours...
This is about to designing a creative flex (size 30by8 Feet). We got the job, understood and finished it timely. It was a great experience for us. We are taking it as our biggest achievement....
Here I'm gonna describe you that how did we do that with step by step...

Step 01#
First we got the idea that what is in client's mind. We listen the whole story and took the content, details, pictures/images, etc..
We all sit together and finalize the script and created a rough layout in our mind.
Then we started work.

Step 02#
First we took the size in CorelDraw and created a first layout with the content as described by the client.
Layouting and Framing in CorelDraw

Step 03#
We created background with the help of Photoshop and CorelDraw.

Background with Photoshop and Coreldraw

Step 04#
We did the sketches and caricatures/toons for every frame as mentioned in script.
We used our mind and did some funny things.....

Step 05#
We composed all the background, sketches and text together and finalize the layout. Then we started coloring our artworks in photoshop.

Step 06#
We finalize all the frames in single document (CorelDraw) and given a final touch with typography designs, text bubbles, vector designs, etc..

It was great to see the final flex and we did it in minimum time...
We are waiting for more projects of this kind. We can do more better now. If you like this then share it.